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Everything you need from a task manager….and more!

Enprojo offers great support for individuals as well as teams. With unique features, such as the Journal, which attaches to the task manager, and the Book feature, users are given the opportunity to not only manage their various business task but to also document their journey through all growth phases. Enprojo is a private program and does not allow for integration with social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. All information that is entered in Enprojo remains stored as long as users maintains an active subscription, upon termination, they can download all of their info into a word document. Enprojo provides users the necessary support for business growth and expansion at a great value!


Enprojo task

Easily Delegate Tasks

With Enprojo, you can set up tasks, assign tags, describe what needs to be done, and proclaim the deadline all on one screen.

Enprojo’s tag feature is a powerful, one-of-a-kind way to help team members quickly find relevant tasks and help you check on the status of various working elements within a project.


Enprojo journal

Capture Thoughts, Notes and Feedback for Each Task

As employees, managers and executives complete tasks for a project, with Enprojo, they will be able to document helpful workflows, unexpected problems, exciting moments, team victories and more.

These journals can be incorporated into any number of books you’re able to create – such as a scrapbook or the story behind your company – or be used as reference for future projects as an easy way to collect best practices and unexpected issues all in one place.


Enprojo book

Build Team Focus

With Enprojo’s unique book creation feature, team members aren’t just checking off boxes – they’re building memories. Make each project and each team member part of the fabric of your company.

When employees are brought into what you do and made a part of your team, your success is their success.


Enprojo group

Give Team Members the Freedom of Self-Determination

Allow collaborators to pick up tasks they can contribute the most to. Studies have found that when employees are given more autonomy, they take pride in their work and deliver better results than those who don’t have any control over what they’re doing.

Enprojo gives you the tools you need to build a team that is better and stronger for having worked with you.

Motivate Teams with Goal Books

As teams complete tasks, they’re able to write down their thoughts and goals in the journal associated with each project. As they progress in their position, you’ll find that they routinely meet goals, or even if they fall slightly short of their lofty expectations, are still able to drive the company forward and make tremendous progress.

By compiling these into a book using the tag feature of Enprojo, you’ll be able to keep collaborator commitment alive by both showing how much they’ve done and also that you’ve noticed.

Develop Realistic Process Manuals

You can use past tasks and work journals to create accurate workflows for future projects based on methods that have been proven effective through your real life experience.

Keep Proprietary Information Within Your Team

Enprojo is an insulated program that doesn’t allow employees or other members to share any task, journal or project with social media sites or anywhere else outside the platform.

Keep your private information safe with team-specific grouping to keep everything within a project sharable between the appropriate members.

Explore Your Company Culture

Each company has its own unique culture woven from the strands of its founders, its team members, its history, and what it does. Every employee and every project adds to that culture. Capture it with intuitive features built into the framework of how you get work done.

Share Your Corporate Manifesto

The best companies have a central philosophy – a profound ideology that drives them to innovate on their terms. Capture yours in a unique book that commands the attention of your team and customers.

Tell Clients Your Story

People are more interested in other people than they are in businesses. Show them the humans who built your company, their project, a physical place, or anything else that you do. Our life stories are developed in what we do everyday, the work we put into our living.

Share yours.


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